Today I saw a 10 x12 cm space head in a news paper regarding a recent hanging of one doctor Zulfiqar Ali khan who attained PHD during the course of his custody.


As per news paper during the course of his tenure before the death warrant and hanging; the guy completed many educational certification of extra ordinary stature.

Among those are two books written in his name that are under the phases of publishing and multiple Masters along with Multiple diplomas in Law religious studies, linguistics, banking and psychology thus farther and further to doctorate.

During the tenure he was known in custody as doctor and was a tutor to many who qualified in jail while and during his custody under his name.

Undoubtedly it was amazing!

But the issue is insanity has settled in our roots and if there is sanity around we ruined it by our own boots.

Truth is! We could have hanged Moose (A.S) even; for killing a man from Firon’s Clan; if at all he was in this era

My God! What are we as people?

Do we have sanity around or we are one bunch of dumb head with no brainy tissue.

Do we have criterion of judgment or we are simply judgmental who dispenses law illegitimately regardless without considering the realities around and position on grounds.

Does it makes sense to punish one with grave consequences like hang as only treatment even and in spite the crime has to be punished as per law .

Regardless and without being a critic observer; I think considering the educational certification of the prisoners the decision to hang could have been changed to life imprisonment; for if the Guy was not punished in trial for an anti state or anti terrorist activity his exceeding excellence towards correction was undoubtedly a weighty point for toppling his death by hang to life imprisonment.

In spite of the reason that I don’t know much about this person as far as crime history is concerned but depending upon what was written in the news paper regarding his post arrest and trial achievements in custody; I feel a great loss as an icon in jail who served without bail in jail as educationalist.

In my opinion such isolated cases of capital punishment granted during the course time as previous and past shall be individually securitized for reassessment on humanitarian basis if such death penalties have no touch and tagging of anti state or anti terrorist issues (DR Raza)