Sooner or later there is going to be a clear line of demarcation between people as masses in Pakistan.

Although it’s not pleasurable and unwanted but it is sticky and under no means it can be removed or stopped by application of force.

People here as nation had been calling themselves as per their origin since long and always with gust of impressive impression as son of the soil.

This impression of their make and design could be understood by the theology and study of their belonging province that was too named as per their origin like Sindh, Punjab and Baluchistan and thereafter after a long bigoted attitude of Pathans and genuine crust with a thrust and burst stance of pushtoons as Khyber punkhtoon khua; once and before named as NWFP.

A similar state within state was once known as Bengal similarly named after peasant as Bengalis.

So the aggregated mixture of variant species from variant scope joined together as nation never impressed the masses at large as nation and issues relating discrimination and segregation remain the chapter of the book of nation as one nation.

This aptitude and amplitude of unbearable fact as disagreement and disengagement exist still since birth or at least decades and frankly and ironically one cannot see intermarriages relation between two different culture and provinces even and uphill now ;

This is especially true for masses of Punjab to any counter part accept one community that mixes and melts with all as relation and that is Muhajir (The Urdu speakers) whom you may find with a any bride or groom vice versa.

We can find as many couple among any such civilization with a common acceptable relation as Muhajir whereas none among the two provinces agrees each other over the genes as siblings.

But astonishingly in spite of difference in every modes of cultural, civil, and regional difference to the extent of unacceptability a fake gestural display continue to cultivate grounds of play as if one nation in succession.

Regardless being nation and as one nation is a good sign and appreciation is an award as reward.

In an aerial view all provinces live in harmony yet it fades and wades when there comes a matter of incentives and we can see ourselves fighting for our rights claiming one on another as discrimination.

Without going in to detailed dissection the point of address is; if all can live as unit and as per their belongings and civilization and ethnic pronunciation in spite of differences why Muhajir can’t be the one as acceptable new one whom opted and made Pakistan as their homeland.

Why one who opted should shall give up his culture and trend therefore to get a new name which is never their caste, creed and gene.

What makes one painful in accepting the reality that these Muhajir are not a new creation but an after effect of creation of Pakistan otherwise they were like same and similar entity in indo Pakistan as you were and are in now and before the birth of Pakistan.

Concisely and precisely under all means Urdu speaking pupil as populace have their entity and name after their identity as Urdu speaker and one whom opted with Pakistan and for Pakistan leaving behind as all left for Pakistan.

Under all means they are a separate entity like all communities within state as unit; with different culture, civilization and lingo;

Making them believe that they are no entity and summing up with populaces who have variant birth as separate origin is no less than an offense.(Dr raza)