It does not matter to me whether Ali was born in Kaaba or not;

What matter to the whole universe is, Ali is their Mola whereas; Kaaba is only Qibla (The direction Finder) and that is to find Mola and Maw-wa?

Kaaba is a place of his descends and Mosque is the place of his ascends.

Ali was there from Adam to Akhir in to, for one lac, 24 thousand times and descent and destination of his arrival is; Qibla and Qaba.


Ali is the fulcrum of belief and the caliper of witness.

A zenith of peace and, the depth of calmness;

Ali is Zeal as hope when hopeless and sleek enthusiasm when one aboard.

He is like arrival of goddess in the midst of hell saving the humanity with serenity.

Ali is a sight that excite and scene that sparks and ignites.

Ali is a thinking that becomes thought thus thought that sorts thinking as worship.
He is an Idol of adore and icon of war hence a beacon that can never be ignore.

Ali is face of God Like a dot and a knot that attaches you with prophet and God.

He is the arm of Mighty as deity.

He is the dialect of God that makes fate and fall as date without debate.

He is pond of intellect with a pool of all knowledge within.

To many he is God and to me he is my Lord who praises and adores His God as

“ Innaka Ala Kullay sheyin Qadeer” (Dr Raza)