Shame on all those who deliberately put their own legitimate forces on their verbal strike;

This is no mere than indication of their feel and belief.

Why not this be tagged and tangle that your words have agenda that outlines irritability over rule of law in Land.

Right and freedom of speech does not allow prosecution on stage therefore breaching all decorum that is essentials as norms in public.

Once a sin cannot put all new comers as sinister thus inquiring each new arrival with similar hatred as if Rival.

Undoubtedly Our Army is our Love and Passion and under all means it’s the backbone of the nation.

Nevertheless and yes true to extent that many appointed on grounds of likes and desire within this institution previously mishandled the state as well as the decorum of institute but that was a one man show and thereafter neither the successors nor the new comers never opted as deviant explaining clearly that institute and organization has fair outlook and display as far as its prestige is concerned.

However few individuals promoted out of turn remained a bad patch and will remain a matter of debate as all time catch.

General Zia -ul –Haq is one of them and was a scandalous man, who derailed and spoiled institution and state.

So shall we condemn him or it’s a crime to discuss him, for being a head; once upon a time.

What about General Musharraf being still on trial for treason; does not he belong to the same stature and on status of prestige organization being once a head and commander?

It is here where the fault line arises and this is the reason of such earthquakes that dismantle and distort infrastructure of nation dragging all that should have never been in the discussion.

We have years of history among civil and military leadership with flaws to the level of hanging Bhutto and yes Zia-ul Haq regime to trial civilians in military courts for a simple patron to own Bhutto legacy.

Undoubtedly, we have war crimes but that is what comes under any war session around the world as patent and that is the reason people and state forego by awarding penalty to few and sparing at large as disposal .

We have History of Marshal Laws that counts from Ayub, Yahiya, Tikka, Zia and Musharraf with regimen in years patronizing legitimate and illegitimate desires of these politicians and parties for years making them hard core from a simple bud.

This is the reason that when they bed, break and bread with you they avail and get reason to treat and mistreat.

However Hats-off to the few memorable Generals of our Forces who looked in different way making people realize that the part and play is a mere share of one person’s clay and institutions are actually the runner-ups that has to go by laws as in laws as order of the day.

We must remember Any Marshal law has support of politician and during the course and tenure of rule; it is a civil military exhibition and partnership that runs for years graving and shaving anything that hinders as rising and grazing.

If it is a matter of institution; the decorum of institution shall be the foremost priority of institution as a whole in every era and tenure and this should be as Bylaws may it be like all regulations vide ARR &ARI or constitutionally otherwise nuisance like blame game would remain the site for play by these politicians and enemies of the state against forces.

What has been a fact remains a fact.

How come freedom to speak may become reason of punishment as sin and crime when execution of crime was a fact of times?

Civilians are not governed and run under and by military law that halts and herald words, ifs and buts in uniform.

Words and intentions have built-in benefit of doubts and doubts are suspicion that halts execution even after crime.

Many among politicians are no more Idiotic than Altaf as far as sensibility and sanity is concerned yet we do not trail and track their trial in same panel and code of conduct sparing few and hanging few.

This is not the game of desire for if such games have appearance of targeted lash, a back lash as long time grievance and reservation are a pending succession among own populace that would create no more than distaste among nation and as nation.

In my opinion code of conduct is to be exercised and rules shall be amended or exercised to discourage such behaviors against every functional state institutions or machinery and not just military so that in future such practices should and shall be curtailed.

It has been the customary of these politician especially within few years to entangle and bangle Army as institution in their discussion some to the extent of unacceptable avenue and in nowhere venue.

Few imminent scenes of similar parody was likely and similarly floated by Jamat-e-Islami Head Munawar Hassan,Tehrik-e-Insaaf Head Imran Khan ,Khawaja asif And even sitting Prime minister who planned and executed the coup which ultimately resulted in Marshal Law arrival in 1999 and many may it be from PPP or Sitting ducks in Baluchistan.

My point is such tendencies have known genetic material that defines and explains genes of these politicians and we can see similar episode of addiction today as well and likewise.

As regard to Altaf Husain and his Speech, he is an insane with no ability and capability like a stray that bites and bark what ignites him; an uncontrolled beheaded man with no brainy tissue.

Army as institution should not respond to such insanity and insane whom has no importance in intellectual and rational populace and even if such issues need to be addressed the decorum of the most prestigious organization of the state demands a logical and fruitful avenue that shall not create rift and drift of thinking and thought of people at large as if; a trial of a particular community; in spite of the reason that the faults are genuine and needs address.

In My opinion, rational and non-egoistic position should be taken so that happening may forego for last thus bracketing it as one last warning so that people may know the very faulty and in the mean time course be discourse as law of the land promulgating ordinance so to secure future indecent attacks on our most prestigious institute. (Dr Raza)