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Army has been never a party to any political force.


Dragging army in to discussion is undoubtedly an unwanted behavior.


Arrest, Execution of criminals and crime so to maintain interior decorum of nation is a prime responsibility of state and defending state on call is the major role of Army.


I am unable to understand Mr. Altaf Hussein.


What he is up to and for?


This is insane and far from sanity to tear apart own nation like enemy within.

This is really irresponsible and disgusting to state against state for people like undha ,loola aur lungra,


Rubbish, Mr. Altaf should seek advice before speech for as Imam Ali said, “People start talking at the age of two but they never learn the whole life; what to say and when to say “.


Tunda ,lungra and similar tagged hybrid hooligans of MQM  are no more than mere extortionist ,land grabbers and serial Killers’  and owning even a single  as their patron is sufficient evidence  to drag and investigate concerned patronizing  them.


There is only one treatment for such stake holders that rely on crime as hang   and that treatment should not impair physical silhouette of Muhajir at large for under no means these tunda’s Lungra’s and even MQM patron like Babur Ghori and similar illiterates Involved in social crime are the actual representation of Face and faucets of Urdu speaking.


Time has come and it is high time to remove dust and bust all those with gust that has spoiled this city of Karachi.


It is a one-time show and we as Muhajir are very much pleased on the Move of Our forces to nib and kill all those who shall have been punished; much before.


I am astonished on continuous verbal abuse of Mr. Altaf Husain against the state and the authorities that are responsible for implementation of Law and order without realizing that Forces only moves in favor of the state and not vice versa.


In my opinion if this controversy will continue between state versus people   as tit for tat   a criticizing end would erupt as long term distaste among people and forces for which both parties shall bear bad taste for long time to come.


In My opinion, Altaf Hussein should avoid his verbosities, ill treatment and irresponsible speech against forces and state or otherwise as per Law it is legitimate to tag, tease and trial anyone who comes up against state as enemy within that is no more than a traitor.


On the other hand the state should back decisions taken by forces to revert law and order and should prosecute anyone breeching the cordon of the law may it be a mere speech that actually sparks agitation among a populace or state.


Regardless the arm forces should calmly tackle the untoward behavior of insanity and verbal barks being the strongest, reliable and responsible legitimate institute of the nation as real Son of the soil


In My opinion the state should come forward to file any such contempt’s in the customary of trial as treason so to herald one intending to breach decorum may it be Altaf Hussein or Any without engaging Military or Forces in the controversy of power gain  hence a speech for a speech.


As to the work done by our Forces let me assure nibbling culprits is our desire and we are always there to support our forces in war and peace without hesitation and with zeal and zest.(Dr raza)