safe_image11170320_1146535545363470_2827372444421893126_nThings have taken serious mode and moods.

Visibility clearly explains rift among concepts and drift from nationalism.

All as one has now become none among all as unity and one.

People have settled grievances and reservations and none agreeing to give breath and space.

A bystander can easily conclude and asses the discrepancy among nation in terms of ethnic origin as segregation.

Excess force and undue might has pushed one race in to grilled gate and the other at flexible rebate putting all in debate thus discussing their gait as if some are son of the soil while others son of their Maid.

Unknowingly rules regulation is only pleasing the dominant whereas implementation of same rule as law remains the subject of selective choice thus making such rules applicable in areas only that populate rivals.

Undoubtedly Karachi and karachiites are being treated as if people from occupied state where state is a prosecutor and peoples are detainers.

Astonishingly law enforcers are acting as law maker and law interpreters have been placed as spectator.

Political lust has taken route of desire though the platform of state base machinery that was actually suppose and responsible to maintain decorum among ethnic versions as nation and unity.

However undue involvement of LEA and drift of Duty by government has displayed the display of state as if being run by perhaps Law enforcing agencies only.

In my opinion why should people have a taste of displeasure from their own back bone saviors?

Why glimpses of terror in terrain should show the picture of forces only and not those political achievers who are putting forces in front to confront and thus enjoying as back benchers, in spite forces always moves in support of state only.

This is because political goons are deceitfully and treacherously using the organized organizations for their undue means making people to misinterpret their own saviors and guarders as avengers.

In My opinion; A calculated distance should be taken by Law enforcing agencies keeping themselves parted and practical without being unduly obliging to the government as governance and government though are read similarly but the platform has different scope as political and essential and under no means a political motive should engage and drag Forces in to the atmosphere of ethnicity as if a party to it. (Dr Raza)