I am Unable to comprehend such orders; what are they trying to prove and exhumed. Is it an invaded city where foreigners as soldiers ruin and mutilate basics right therefore putting all locals in bar as jars.

This could only bring hatred and the ethnic blow would be melted and shower on no one else Punjabis same and similarly as it denture and debar Punjabis in Baluchistan.


Why are we heading towards same clash of previous and past that was always a roar of people in Sind blaming Punjab for all their catastrophes and suffering?

Somebody please hold such insane orders and maltreatment of citizen or otherwise I see a backlash sooner or later that will put state on stakes similarly like we are facing in else provinces.

I suppose we may not allow and provision enemies to play and cultivate their desire on rising fire of people for majority people are run by emotion and notions and such motions would only create and embezzle thinking fussy thoughts.

Godforsaken how can we treat our own people like enemies within thus treating them on roads like looters, criminals and dacoits.

It is here where people start appreciating what look irritating to the functionaries and state and that is; supporting all such slogan and hooligans that dismantle state and in fact appease their mental state and gait.

Mind you even if it was an order of the day as desire of LEA; the format and protocol of the Idea should never be the platform of Military or rangers and yes through ministries and police as official so that understanding of the people should not make distances as legitimate and prating as format.(Dr Raza)