However and whatever!

Role of Sister remains the most important assets and facet of Gender related relation among siblings.

Syeda Zainab; I salute your services as Sis.

On the other hand The role of wives has always been controversial and few among actually and factually proved their worth as wife whereas mostly, wives remained as Knife especially when we see Iconic lives of Prophets and our Idols as Noah And Loot.

On the other hand! I salute Khatidja and Fatimah for their best and proven services as iconic wives.

Here again worth of a woman can only be proven as daughter when we see Fatimah as Emblem of Tutorial raising worth as must thus again proving the wide girth of women in Relative relation where a man can depend on daughter..

One must understand! If Humans remains slotted from these iconic and Weighty assets OF aal-e-Rasool, nothing in terms of worth can remains the whole history of this make in terms of wisdom as Human.

Muhammad -o-Ale-Muhammad Are the only impression of worth and Karbala remains the totality of Girth where a peak of exhibition can be purely seen as sight and wide relations purely sacrificing as nation (DR Raza)1969360_617943134962365_1517688339_n