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Ahh! Not again, let us not forget it is not our war and neither are they, our people.

Can we afford to engage in to new paradigm when already there is an intense shakes of sectarian and state based terrorism in this state.

Why is it the name of KSA gives you jerks of your own though you know it that those sacred places has nothing to do with war and particularly threat to Monarch either.

We all know by heart that it is a war between Iran and KSA yet we want to drag it and tag it to a war between Shia and Sunni.

We all know Yemen is not KSA and neither Bahrain yet we believe that it is a perceptional threat to KSA.

We all know every day Pakistani’s are beheaded in KSA and maltreated yet we have no objection over our mistreatment.

Regardless of what becomes the fate of this war but my understanding is   dragging ourselves would open a new border around our territorial jurisdiction where by all means a new hot spot like the one in north and south with India and Afghanistan.

I am astonished! None in this country actually behaves sanely

Decisions have low intelligence quotient and remarkably reflect inanity.

Are we supposed to monitor and look after the dominion and geo-geometric margins of KSA?

Helping them does make sense but sending troops as marchers would bring inflictions and hurt for no reason.

We are not an army of merciless missionaries or mercenaries  trained to benefit monarch neither are we paid servant who fight for money or honey.

We are Professionals specially and specifically trained purposefully to guard and cordon out integrity and sovereignty as state regardless of our life, living and money hence keeping and upholding our flag round the clock and around the boundaries.

However, if someone with vindictive thinking and political incentives want us to be a play card we shall and must understand the real need and purpose.

We all know Yemen has clear signals that define fight between two for reign and the impression for succession has already taken the path of section as sect.

Indulging in to anyone’s support would mess our port for there are all forces here that supports the two in one way or other.(Dr Raza)