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We as nation are stricken under situation where succession remains the prerogative of string attached to the previous nail only.

We rely on culture and sanctify sculpture thus defying our own silhouette by self inflicted scar therefore parting own peace in to piece as farther and far.

We deny ethnicity and race but we nullify our own verb by refusing selection and election on similar stature.

We promulgate equality but debar similarity.

This difference in totality sacrifice our morality giving life and ledger to cruelty thus infidelity as ultimate fatality.

We slogan nationalism but jingle provincialism.

We formulate nation by aggregation of different and diversified civilization but still makes segregation as core element of presentation.

We deny version of ethnic origin yet we testify it in racial edition.

We deduce as one nation but produce relation as key to succession in every inauguration and celebration thus making nation in to diversified presentation as masses of different linguistic denomination.

I am astonished over the presentation of this nation that divides one in to unit and unit in to entity of separate culture and civilization with name and call as Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch and Pakhtoon and so on.

In spite of division we are unified within diversified though we together nullify what we testify as nation.

We treat as mistreat and cheat as deed if at all we need for feed digging own field and ground like Raping our own.

We have no law but flaw that actually behaves like a claw from where punishment is a bylaw for poor and as in-law for the rich.

We believe in unity, faith and discipline yet we denounce others faith and disciple as unit.

Not necessarily I need to clarify more about what cannot be nullify therefore to disqualify we people as single nation yet and in-spite ; we still qualify to de-testify and crucify each other on the basis of ethnic, sectarian and racial ground as exemplify.

We are nation where corrupt and criminal try and prison other criminals in the name of crime as if they are the cream of time.

In my opinion we as nation have all origin of ethnic edition except Pakistani Version making all defined races as refined if son of the soil and undefined as swine who should get neither land nor Wine.

Today the federal Minister Khawaja asif gave a remarkable speech saying: If Bhutto and Nawaz can go jail why can’t Altaf’

I have word to say in this Regard and that is


“He must and should be trail, tracked and trial regardless”

But there’s a problem in it and that is we have racial treatment of punishment in law here;
“Bhutto would get a hangmen punishment as judicial crime obviously he was a Sindhi and Altaf would be treated with extrajudicial assault or whatever; Of course a Muhajir however; Mr. Nawaz would get relief to leave and spend days as debar and exile as if leave without pay hence spending days in delight and moon light may he be caught in caught in dramatizing the coup against the Military ………  do I have to explain his bearings

Regardless none can bear to put bar on EX-COAS and President of Pakistan in Pakistan; But and yes! Musharraf can be!

Remove the impression of possession as special race or community;

People will disbelief argument of racial notion or if you could not do the needful ‘what more one has to say other than accepting the charge’

“Start giving treatment equally and none has reason to deny and defy your opinion”. (Dr Raza)