Once a writer shared and posted an abstract as write up from one of his friend for being a lovely concept so that more can enjoy the pleasurable benefit of the beautiful saying.

During the course of relax and read many came praising the writer who actually posted the concept.

In the mean time, the writers decided to credit and honor his friend who actually was the real hero of the source;

Therefore, he added as remarks so to thankful to the reader by saying that “may your praise and admire shall reach the hero who actually wrote the abstract with his name and in his name” for he (Him) has only shared it.

Hearing the reality a reader teasingly denuded his applause and appreciation back from the writer (The one who posted it) and reinstated it to be delivered to the actual holder directly saying, “I deliver my appreciation directly to the real writer”.

Hearing this following remark were put forth by me thus putting the importance of one in middle and between.

“You cannot do that for one who deliver is a messenger and whoever dismay and disobey hence disrespect one who delivers the message actually disrespect the sender.”

This is because we cannot just take out messenger from the middle and in between by saying” All praises to him who wrote this with no appreciation to the one who delivered it “

All of a sudden, there came the importance of Messenger and prophets to me and I realized that without them there could have been no communication between the sender and the people.

Most people as sect believes that “God is sufficient enough saying we cannot ask messenger in the same way as we shall and should ask God ;this in our lingo touch

“meray lee-aey allah hee kafi hai”

To them the above-mentioned conversation gives the explainable concept in one word as

“One whom is not your friend is not friend as long as I introduce you to him”

In addition and above hence before or after none whatsoever could reach and breach the bond and tie between the two as spy

The point is none can reach the original writer if I am not loyal, reliable and trust worthy

Meaning none can reach him if I do not allow

I am as important as the original

However, since messengers are dependable and trustworthy they highlight the name and saying as none from them but the sender.

Discussion between two is secret as long as one between the two discloses it; to know the real story you need to reach one among the two;

Now decide your selves; you cannot reach God but you can reach Muhammad (SAWAW) and there is always a way to reach one among the two and that is if and through his Family. (Dr Raza)