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To betray a betrayer is a loyalty (Imam Ali A.s)

Hours before the death sentence a new drama sprouted as shout and bout.

Confession as new drama railed the track of mercy for another few days therefore to derail the sentence as well jail many in vengeance.

Regardless of the raising doubt in questionnaire of the current popular show; the most affected part of the whole episodic drama is one simple question and that is; “On what ground Saulat mirza was awarded Capital punishment as hang if the episodic trial of the culprit during the course of prosecution could not even dig out the realm in real as same and similar confession of today on the day as earlier and before during the trial.

If the punishment with reference to the murder of Mr. Shahid hamid was awarded by the courts after complete scrutiny and fair trial reaching the conclusive remarks as murderer with respect to Saulat Mirza; how come new evidence with more suspect and much revelation has now become the prime evidence just a few hours before punishment.

Under the delay of punishment and weighing of new reverberations of substantial importance; the retrial of Saulat Mirza seems to be essential; for in my opinion there are more on the rail road who shall get similar treatment.

In My opinion immediate orders to roll backs all previous judgment with reference to the case along with holding capital punishment remains the requirement and then reinstating and reinvestigating the whole case in the lime light of new evidences and under the premises of J.I.T (Dr Raza)10002958_10155327227295442_7911943421439615918_n