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Regardless of ifs but and any controversy or argument; operation by Rangers on 90 is justified but the trend and turn that is taking its path is under no means commendable as the same course of treatment was needed elsewhere as well.

It is a frank collision and to every action, there is an equal reaction, which under the theory as law would result in civil military collision even if not at physical platform but surely at psychological belief thus at minimum creating a distaste for long time to come.

I am unable to understand Mr. Altaf Husain for why cannot he stay quiet since surprisingly and unwantedly he makes such mistakes in speech and spell that spills and spoil as turmoil thus at a minimum level aggravating a minimally concerned sensible soul.

Irrespective, accusation and handling of the law-enforcing agency should not have an impression of one to one dictum. In my opinion under no means; a law-enforcing agency must and shall directly be a party in any civil /criminal litigation but yes under the shadow and shade of concerned Ministry and the ministry would be a direct party to litigation what so ever and whosoever.

Strange enough for setting a new precedent for in my opinion; paramilitary forces are state governed and under Ministry of interior /ministry of Defense.

This is first time in my life that I see a Law Enforcing agency nominating someone from civil /political set up directly; through an in-service colonel as complainant on behest and behalf of his serving organization as plaintiff.

Suspicion always grants permission as benefit of doubt and under no means; a trial can be initiated on ground of possibility of threats and yes, endorsement of possibility and suspicion is a right to defend.

A crime is not a crime as long as it is executed as offence whereas; intention to execute as said ; not necessarily allows any law or state to arrest executioner prior to execution or to produce before the law as prosecution especially on the basis of a unexplained speech.

As regard to charges framed; they are assumed and presumed charges by complainant that is to be proven in the contest of threat if at all they are contextual within the category as threat, in court of law.

In my opinion this aggressive turn to tape ,topple and steepen distances should be dealt cautiously and consciously for parting in separate corners as move would start a tug of War between Civil &military litigating each other which is under no means acceptable .

In my opinion, Rangers should not be a direct party to it and Yes via & vide state and ministry for; state reserves the right to defend and react for its peasant and hence to prosecute his peasant if at all a state consider it a threat and even regardless (Dr Raza)