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Somebody make me understand this puzzled stratagem.

Once An Anti Encroachment Cell invaded an area and as a result; a shopkeeper among many was caught and penalized for fine in coin.

Among the many with their pantry and penny ran away with An’na & and Nanny

(“An’na/ a copper coin formerly used in South Asia, worth one-sixteenth of a rupee) (Nanny /somebody who is paid to take care of one or more children in a family home, often also living there”).

The shop keeper was charged, bugged and tugged and then tagged as one Violator as traitor hence the only cause as ulcer crater.

However; during the course of raid on maid, none among the rest that flee were neither attended by Mille nor by Billy.

The only shopkeeper was arrested and busted  where as the rest with similar flaw and claw were rated as if in law and within law and thus trusted.

This riddle became popular and encoded as talk of the town but encrypted with silence without words and shunning of guts thus with loosing image of own trust.

When I heard the riddle I tried to solve but later I got the joke.

Moral of the story!

” the first takes the jerk and the rest enjoys the perk”

If I put this riddle over the present Karachi operation; I will sum up the case as;

“Chess was between many yet; only one gave honey while the rest ran away with their pen, pantry and penny (Dr Raza)