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In my opinion MQM was not and never a  threat to internal security  of nation  and yes undoubtedly a severe nuisance to Law and Order within metropolis but that is like All other political parties.

I am still unable to comprehend that how come with such a massive engagement  and threat to external and internal security to the state and ongoing  intra and  extraterritorial military operations  against terrorism ;this unwanted engagement has been included and  inducted as new comer .

Agreed ! to the extent that most wanted culprits were to be arrested, tracked and trialed but then; what was the point of incursion as perhaps new conspiracy theory  like the previous hence as if separatist like BLA.

Under no means a LEA & paramilitary troops should react and act on behest  behalf of such orders  of  functionaries who are themselves to the level of   similar political threats to the law and order of the country  as is MQM.

Why was it necessary to put LEA and Paramilitary troops in confrontation to a major political party who have ethnic origin to the extent that their Motto and standing as birth itself speaks ,raised and defines suffering of their people only  for not being son of the Soil.

In my Opinion this is simply diversion policy so to open a new window that may divert attention from the real terrorist like Taliban and their allies .

In my opinion LEA /paramilitary Troops  is capable enough to grab and confiscate any thing without making it a talk of the town if it was a damn and dire requirement of the time to engage MQM.

In my opinion a justified raid demand similar raid on other political goons as well with removing every such corner that cause trouble to the common people and that includes all such premises of Government ,semi government and ministerial surrounds that prohibit entry of common people other wise  the impression  does explain  targeted political rivalry .

In my opinion  its right time for we as people that we should support our forces and the forces should deliver and  dig every such corner ,Dick and harry  may it bee Laal masjid ,Sipah-e-sahaba or political ethnic group that has militant wing regardless  and that includes Jamat-e-islami and all such Taliban supporters  including Madrassa’s who facially or maskly safeguard  terrorist and terrorism.

But if such deliverance can not be executed irrespectively and regardless  of  caste, creed, cadre, origin ad sect  ; under all means  ethnic discrepancy remains the angle  of tease and tear in folks and talks  and sooner or later  like the other part of the states such threats of targeting community gains hoax making it a new nuisance that surely would  utilize  support of the enemy as if enemy within  and than sleeping with the enemy .

In my opinion a exhibition of power be curtailed and impression of gentle handling shall make enough repute and prestige of the state as well as organization along with satisfactory work done  as  per desire and as per requirement .

Otherwise I do have promising  reason and  reservation and it certainly depicts impression that it’s a targeted operation fairly targeting what MQM claim as being a community.

Commuting as said  ;impressive work by Our forces but responsibility is to clean and clear all such pockets that shakes and shatter whole nation with special focus on sectarian banned outfits and political parties that are harboring Taliban and terrorist  and not just one packet and pocket.

Pakistan Zindabaad (Dr Raza)