Some time we believe unbelievably for we see what could never become our sight.

Not necessarily we see in our whole life what is there but could not become our vision; though in spite we do not deny in disbelief;

What could not be seen does not make thing fake or false.

Puzzle is difficult for many but a matter of sight for few;

Idea is when you idealize not visually and then execute it manually making idea in to virtual reality.

Idea can be treacherous for many yet it is always a breath taking start for the one fond of ride.

This is the difference between doubter and believer.

A doubter believes in God to gain only and believers believe without reason of gain or lose.

MR Tory MP James Arbuthnot / North East Hampshire;

How can you deny God when it was always your belief publically for so many years when you were crossing the phase of fear to lose?

This is “God” The One who let people succeed in life in spite and although they don’t believe him and this is human nature that in spite they don’t believe God yet they Claim so to get whatever they can gain”

God always benefitted you as long as you believed him publically   but when you denied him ;its not him who made you looser but its you yourselves who is responsible as looser

(DR Raza)