The case will be dismissed for reasons in support of petition are insufficient for admission and even if it is permissible it will be dismissed as it contradicts the theology of human nature and race.

We being human being are bound to behave the way we are teach and taught hence copy cat what we read so to lead in life the way we are taught making us an idol showing exemplary training hence as trained as been taught .

None of the human can be trained and educated unless training can define the required subject from institute and institute is always a place of intellectuals whose assets exhibit prestige in form and format of books.

It is the books that gives birth to new theories and new books and it is the human that again write more books but with new imagination and foresee visualization this is like a surgeon with new innovation and scientific knowledge and new ways as modification challenging the book that taught and made him surgeon even .

This is not plagiarism but yes we can say two human imaginations with same thinking  and it is quite normal for human behaves similarly though differently as well and may behave differently and thinks similarly.

“Quran says in Sarah Fatiha “ Ahdinus sirat ul Mustaqeem ;sirat ul lazina un amta aleyhim ghairil magzoobay elayhim walazzualin “

“Guide us on the footsteps of those you have rewarded…..”

Books are waterfall that nourish and cherish regardless so that any one utilizing it shall flourish. (DR Raza)