“You cannot kill an idea”

“This is so absurd! “

Crime is not crime as long as it’s an Idea but when you invent it as carry out what is prohibited; idea becomes a crime and performer becomes a criminal.

Freedom of expression is not shouting as if bout of vomiting.

Freedom is freeing your selves from the cordon of fake and false idea as imagination in to virtual reality and expression is making people hear what mind says and heart accepts.

Abusing and bashing is neither freedom nor making cartoon is an expression.

Freedom of expression necessitates right as right and wrong as wrong.

Freedom of expression dictates debate and do not discuss gait.

It’s an intellectual way of assertion making thinking and thought as dissertation.

Freedom of expression is a calculated fulcrum that puts reality over idealism so to display right and righteous.

Freedom of expression is not making fun shall you get none.

Freedom of expression is not tit for tat but making bat that right will prevail and rest will derail.

Freedom of expression does not make impression awful but awesome.

Freedom of expression is when you stand what is right and scold what is wrong.

Freedom of expression is a crime when races stun their laces and color creates hatred thus when communities become concerned and people becomes enemies among.

It’s a criminal methodology in the name of freedom of expression when expression becomes impression of one as action on other. (Dr Raza)