With this week’s horrific religiously motivated executions in mind, how do we denounce Muslim violence without blatantly denouncing Islam? Look to the Bad Apples piece by Conor Lynch for ideas.

This week’s winner will receive a copy of An Appetite for Wonder by Richard Dawkins.

Question of the Week

“Denounce violence not faith without denouncing attachment as belief”.

You have the answer in your own questionnaire sir !

“It’s not the religion that disrupts but understanding that distracts. “

Violence is a Crime and crime is an individual’s act which has nothing to do with his bearing as caste, color, creed, race, faith and belief.

It’s an action that shows reaction and reactions are voluntary and involuntary.

It can be an emotional outburst or deliberate thrust again a matter of scrutiny that categorically demands exhumation to sort out the real cause.

As long as a legitimate platform owns violent behavior; under the head of deliberate activity; logic demands curtailing denouncement of faith and belief by all means.

This lack of understanding to act and react cautiously and sensitively is the result of clashes between races, faith, religious and political activist and we see many such incidences among all over the world in the shape and manner of Blacks versus white and Muslim versus whatever.

Muslim killing Christian and Christian killing a Muslim is not at all a reflection and training of Islam and Christianity.

What was the religion of Hitler?

It was an act of time and individuals understanding.

I am educated throughout in a missionary school Saint Peter’s High school with all my teachers as Christian.

My baseline in education is an award of my teachers to me; we had a church within school.

There is no one single Christmas since I remember in which we have not celebrated at home with cutting cake on Christmas.

The point is I am a Muslim believer as well.

Islam pays similar homage and regard to Jesus, marry, joseph and David as it pay to Muhammad.

So denouncing a criminal act of one in whatever faith with condemning whole community is a flaw and under no means religion or faith shall be put on trial for.

Mind you religion is beyond belief and belief is not religion for there is a possibility and that is a reality too that one can believe still what religion has never demanded.

“Wrong belief does not wrong religion” (Dr Raza)