What is the difference between people who don’t believe in God and people who believes in God?

In my opinion! One difference;

For believer:

Those who believes, can never present God thus prove faith of unbeliever (Atheist).

For atheist:

Whereas those who don’t believe (Atheist) will never understand God for search always start from the point where faith is shaky.

For believer:

That cannot be seen cannot be trusted

For atheist:

One who cannot comprehend cannot understand



Denying itself signifies presence of one that is being denied as No One.

It does not make difference whether you believe in God or not but logic is when you believe you don’t lose anything if there is no God or hereafter; but if you don’t believe; and there is a God and hereafter  you are a looser.

So a brainy must not be a looser; (Dr Raza)