People are either Hussaini or yazeedi and legitimately there is no other distribution of sect.

If we suppose this distribution among populace as rule of thumb; understanding of action and reaction itself would define bearings.

Nevertheless! If actions or reactions are the point of segregation; under all means saving anyone’s life is Hussainiat and letting anyone die is Yazeediat;

Standing against is undoubtedly Hussainiat and protesting against is unquestionably Yazeediat;

Ironically; blind deaf and dumb are not actually devoid of sensible perception but they are actually behaving in insensible collection.

It astonishes me that none among the powerful may they be Government or LEA (Law Enforcing Agencies) have ever been being bothered on Shia Killings.

Let the subject be clear, sound and selective; either we are Hussaini or we are yazeedi. (Dr RazaHaider)