A book may have limitless aspects, views and scopes but is limited to the extent it defines and explain subject.

Under all means, a book limits what is limitless and fix what is fix less.

Being a book Quran has limited view in words but limitless scope as words.

It is here where one dares defining subject as player to get share like snare limiting words and views as directional and downsizing limitless as limited.

Translation and transliterations plays key role in limiting scopes in to scoop thus making limitless preview from distant to near and narrow to minor as if miniature with nothing important that needs explanation and justifications again making limitless in to limited.

Translation with connecting explanations as views with directional approaches makes book as book of particular sect thereby words as limited and scopes as narrowed.

We must understand that Quran is a book of God from the day to the day as dooms day as books in limited word and limitless scopes.

This makes again a limitless book of horizon in to limited hence fixing the book as for particular and limited period.

In my opinion it’s the designed structural recycling of human cycle as same and similar repeated era and populace that makes book as book of all time.

What begins; has an end (Dr Raza)