What about sureh tooba that starts with the recommendation to disown those known as enemies of God ………

Tabbara is necessary essential element of Islam and cannot be banned where denial fron many gods and believing on single entity is a necessity.

What is a religious hate speech?

What is a hate speech for you; is a necessity to speak in my belonging……….

We condemn Yazeed ibn-e-muavia- ibn-e-abu suffian .you call them khalifa ……. Now what do you expect from us …that we should praise mavia and yazeed ……………

We believe in Wilayat of Ali and you don’t so what you expect from us that we should carry your belief with us ….. Letting free our will for the sake of ittihadul muslimeen

This is nonsense ……..

Conflicts arises when you tag one thing biddah and the other as deen ; what bents on you when one say Ya Ali madad and you start saying its bidda rather ya Allah madad is a right word hence tagging all those who say ya Ali madad as Kafir ………

why does it makes pain when one mourns and cry on Hussain and you start saying that crying and mourning is forbidden ;

Cant you hold tongue of those who shouts kafir kfir shia kafir …..

Give this council shut up call;

We are not bunch of fools to be governed by councils whose chair bearers are like ashrafi and ludhyanvi (Dr Raza)10553501_10154738774020442_6722768404909801174_n