imagesThis is a sign that expresses belief on Khilafat and not wilayat indicating (Char Yar methadology ).

Now a days extensively used by sipah-e-Sahaba against the Figure of Five in Punjataunas Alam-e-Abbas alamdar(A.S) ….

A1238295_659808837362604_1479467842_nctually things are not that easy and simple as we see

Malokiat as badshahat is criticised againt Imamat as wilayat hence introduction of khilafat as the real means of choice of people against the concept of malokiat or Badshahat of one Familyby introduction of Khilafat as caliphate.

The figure of Four is a depiction of that image though physically in the name of Rabia basri who struggled her life for freedom and being 4th in her family.

though seemingly the symbol might not have such concept that is being highlighted by me but actuallly this is a sign against the the rule of thumb as punjataun making symbolically and explaining categorically that these actions on people and masacre on mobs have dominance of those people who believes on “4” and not on “5” (Dr Raza)