Resume is your professional data that concludes your service profile from day one to date with designation, appointment and position reflecting Job description only.
That is; commencement with break or recess and then resume. (Dr Raza)

Bio Data
Bio Data is a Living Data of your life that is an essentiality attached to your picture description as profile.
It is a extra curriculum data used to trace you as person and in person as identity like your name and address and similar inquisitive terms as marital and extra marital therefore to pen picture your fitness for job as per your location and accordingly as commitment, bindings and obligation.

CV (Curriculum vitae)

CV is your professional fall that grades and grandeur your appearance without appearance based on gained and acquired knowledge as education and qualification as courses hence time spent to gain ability and sensibility.

It is a detailed Performa of performance proving your capability and ability as fit for job being a professional in terms of competency and level of expertise.

Thus, it is a relative structural attained level of knowledge gained as education courses or diplomas.
(Dr Raza