Actually we all are energies emitting energy as source of light to light and enlighten whoever comes in contact with our light as energy.

It’s the body that attracts and the soul that reacts.

Reaction of the soul has impact of positive energy or negative energy and the impact depends upon the weight fullness of the energy.

Face is the first impression that catches dimension.

The More the fascination and beauty of face; the greater will be the impact of exposure.

This world is glamorous and it’s the beauty of the universe that makes people love universe hence saying Subhan Allah thus praising the Maker and designer by freezing at his makes and design as creation.

My simple point of focus was to express and gratitude your beauty saying one unique Word as “Subhan Allah and Mash Allah…….

Please let me say you are simply Angelic

(Whoever want to have this Gratitude of Praise and desire shall And must like it as Dire).(Dr Raza)