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Teraa kul teray aaj kay saath hai aur aaaj teray kul ko leay tera aney wala kul…..jahan tera kul aur tera aaj mera shaoor ho ……wahan tera aney wala kul koi naya zahoor nahee joe koi naya asol leay mera gharoor bunaey bulkay …………such toe yeh hai kay jis ka kul daaghdaar ho us ka aney wala kul baydaagh nahee hua kerta …….Khuda ki Laanat hai un teen Daaghdaar dushmanan-e-Aal-e-Muhammed per ………….jin ka kul bhee aur aaj bhee aur aney wala kul ……….her din …….dagh leay……. ikk naya azaab hai (Dr raza)


  “Prayer”is still and indeeed ! remains a spare wheel as all time potential feel that remains with you even you dont kneel or give it a regard as feel in your daily deal (Dr Raza)


Dil derasl khaliq ki khulqat mein who shandaar unsar hai…. joe dharukta hee uss kay roop kay leay goya…. jahan uss ka noor wahan uss ki dherkan aur jahan uss ka shaoor wahee uss ka thikanaMeri nazar mein dil hee who zaria hai joe dherkan ki soorat mehboob ki talash ka wahid zaria goya husn ka dewana aur haseeno kay peechay
…Baat yeh hai kay Kainaat ki her shey mein khaliq ka husn-e-tukhleeq chupa hai joe uss kay shaoor kay uss haseen zaviaey ki nishandahee kerta hai kay banaey wala khud husn ka dewana hai

Yeh is leay kay joe mein nay dekha who husn mein dooba tha…. aur jub mein nay chaha dewaangi ko upney per taree paya(Dr Raza)

Dil ka bhee ajaeeb falsafa niklaJanam deta hai toe bus muhabbat ko aur jagan deta hai toe faqat nufrat koDharaukta hai toe kisi kay leay aur tarrupta hai toe dil lugee kay leay

Chahney per ajai toe chahat sherma aye aur nufrat kerjai to zindagi bayzaar hojai

Aisee ajeeb khulqat kay ajab haal leay deewangi ki hud per dewana waar dewaney ki manind dewana hojai….. jub kubhi ussay uss ka piar miljaey

Such pooch to dil ko najaney kiss khaak say banadala kay …dherkano ko leay khoobsoorty kay peechay dorra chula jai

(Dr Raza)


Zuban ki sakhte kumilmi aur ikhtiyar per iqtidar na honay ki aqasee kea kerty hai

Jahan ilm mehdood aur ikhtiyar baywusat hua kerta hai wahan zuban baylihaaz aur ada garror ki soorat bun jatee hai …(Dr Raza)


What you denied in spite; I admitted and endorsed it as His (A.S) right; therefore for my future to be at right and bright.

 So say before it’s too late as night, where none would be there at your side and for vision as sight and insight hence the one as your right; this is for believing in his command as real Light(A.S) after Light(PBUH);being commander of the Faithful.

(Man Kunto Mola Fahaza Aliun Mola)(Dr Raza)


Difference between humanly and Godly (SWT) approach has clear demarcation of understanding;

 Humans nibs the bud from root whereas; God (SWT) removes bud only, therefore to rebirth from same seed as new one.

 This is because if he would remove the seed as faulty as if defaulting; creation becomes a missed approach as perhaps ill designed.

So under all means; it’s the tendency that is curbed and not the potential that is enwrapped.

For! Tendencies are acquired acts of inclination where as potentials are innate traits of built-in behavior.

What is a potential; has built-in in requirement as essential whereas; tendencies are deviations from normal response as essential and reactionary. (Dr Raza)


Men love women for two special reasons; one is greed and the other is need; and similarly in two especial phases, one before reach and the other after breed.

 This siege as beseech has an enormous sanctioning of energy in which his belief becomes confidence and his confidence becomes commitment; thereof a state where whole power is the domain of women.

 It’s the behavior of women that becomes peace of Men; for! Her deeds to act for him and later for his kids as kin; is the irreplaceable attitude of immense magnitude that cannot be contested and contended.

Salute to the mother of Men; may they be sisters, mothers and ladies as wives (Dr Raza)


Darling is a woman other than wife whom is lovely and like wine.

Is there anybody who shall be mine? (Dr Raza)


Women are lovely as long as they are kite but as soon as they become wife; they are, a mere knife. (Dr Raza)


Certainly! I don’t need that designation as reign and distinction as realm that shall spoil my fate and ultimate apparel as fatality towards eternity.

How come he who spoiled his ultimate; can still laugh regardless of upcoming fate?

 One who is here; will have to leave for there; this is; soon as if few more moments as days and breathe.

Must have been a reason of my birth; though still to be isolated as yet!

 Though I am aware of my sin yet very much familiar with his grant as; still a chance to win.

“Ali un Wali Allah Wasi o Ya Rasool Allah WA Khalifataho Bila fasl” (Dr Raza)


What name is given to that presentation; where shutters within the concealed shadowing of skies become evident and displayed; and grounds become impervious and exhibited; as if nothing below its crust but what has been thrown out as up ?

“Nahjul Balagha” is the presentation of similar sort as sought therefore to bring what is never seen and taught. (Ali Mola)(Dr Raza)


What more could he narrate, who sees all as always and what more could he write; what is always evident in front as bright hence light.

Perhaps this is the reason why he says;

”Ask Me! Ask Me!  Before, I am not within you as, no more.

(Ali Mola)(Dr Raza)